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Geosho was founded in Caernarfon, North Wales in 2010 by Paul Sandham. Once that Paul had developed an initial demonstration version of the Geosho location intelligence platform in late 2009, Geosho were successful in attracting seed funding from Finance Wales and 2 key angel investors; Stuart Proud and Nick Chapallaz, founder directors who both brought extensive expertise and took active roles in developing, marketing and selling Geosho products and services. In 2014 Steve Fisher and John Golledge joined the board further to making a significant investment in Geosho along with Finance Wales and its other existing Investor/Directors. Steve and John brought significant software and finance experience to the board and further to additional investments in 2015 Steve was made chairman of the company, playing an active role alongside the existing directors in shaping and accelerating the companies’ growth.

Geosho use open source software and open data sources to design, develop and deliver intelligent and innovative location based products to SME’s and the public sector. Our background in GIS (Geographical Information Systems), the web and mobile helps us to be able to provide location intelligence products to organisations that have not been able to afford them before. Current established market players have traditionally raised considerable fees for their software products, consultancy, support and for the provision of data. In addition these systems have required bespoke client and server software / hardware to be installed and supported. Geosho clients just need a common and free web browser i.e. Firefox, Safari or Chrome, a connection to the internet and regular Android or Apple smartphones and tablets to be able to exploit location intelligence.

As smartphone use increases, the organisations that will be best placed to exploit the benefits that location intelligence can deliver are those that have access to systems that have been designed and built for location and mobile from ground up, using the best open source GIS & mapping technologies combined with robust powerful web content and data management systems that connect people and data or content via their smartphones, wherever they are, or might want to be. Geosho are ideally positioned to disrupt the traditional providers and their expensive and inflexible proprietary offerings

Applications for location based and connected mobile technologies span all sectors from; health to logistics, to gaming, public transport, education and tourism.

Geosho also design, produce and deliver our own mapping for the UK & EU, this allows us to be able to style maps to suit specific uses such as public transport, walking or urban self-guided driving tours around London. This means that our clients do not have to pay – often high – fees for use of mapping from Ordnance Survey, Google or others.

The team in Caernarfon has now grown to six full time staff with a further two part-time members. In addition we have our part–time directors based in England who work with the MD and development team on sales, marketing and strategic product development.

Geosho work closely with Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities on specific projects and via KESS.

Geosho have just moved into new premises in Doc Fictoria, Caernarfon in order to have access to the space we need to expand the development and support team resource over 2016.


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