Geosho announces that it has been shortlisted for Smart UK’s most innovative mobile company award at Barcelona Mobile World Congress


Caernarfon, Wales – Geosho is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted for Smart UK’s most innovative mobile company award.

The 2014 Mobile World Congress is just a few weeks away and we are really excited as one of our products has been shortlisted for a Smart UK Project award in association with UKTI.  Bwsiti (Pronounced “busitee” meaning “a bus for you” in Welsh) is an intelligent smartphone / tablet based range of integrated apps for public transport agencies / Public transport operators and of course, the users of public transport services, the general public.

Bwsiti is a ground-breaking product being piloted by a Welsh Local Authority in Q1 2014. Bwsiti utilises the power of the Geosho mobile and mapping platform in order to learn each bus route and journey from data collected by Geosho technology. This data allows the system to not only identify the buses’ location it also can identify any repeated disruptions to the timetabled journey i.e. traffic congestion due to a market day, extensive roadworks or school runs.

This data is then used to help the public to plan their journey’s more effectively. In addition the provision of anonymised analytics of where people want to travel from, where they want to go and when, can help public transport planners to provide more effective timetables and better located access points.

The use of ubiquitous technologies such as tablets and smartphones to record, process and deliver this information means that the costs of implementation can be significantly reduced over traditional bespoke products.

Award winners will be announced on February 25th at the Mobile World Congress. Paul and Neil from Geosho will be attending the conference and would love to meet up with anyone who’d like to learn more about the innovative location technology behind Bwsiti or any of our other location service based products, such as our Tourism, Heritage and interpretation system; Rougeo or Cartobi a web based Business Intelligence application for businesses that use online accounting and invoicing services from Tradeshift, Freeagent and Sage One. Please email  if you want to catch up with us for a chat or if you are simply thirsting after a nice cuppa come and enjoy a “panad” of our bespoke mountain brew – Bwsiti tea. We will have boxes of this to give away to deserving / discerning tea drinkers at MWC.


Based in Caernarfon, North Wales and Shoreditch, London, Geosho was founded by Paul Sandham in 2010 to develop and sell products that create practical maps. Maps that inform action and deliver insight for organisations, their clients and their communities.  The Geosho mapping and mobile platform enables the rapid development and delivery of smart, innovative services and products. Technologies that connect place, data and content to browsers or smartphones.



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