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iBeacons are the solution to all of your digital interpretative problems – or how do they work?

We have been working with Beacons since being introduced to them one winter’s evening in a warm pub in 2014. We “Heart” their simple, tiny, unconnected loveliness, no, We do! We really do! We are awash with gratitude for the extra triggers that they bring to our location based applications however, there is a catch, […]

Why isn’t my GPS working?

A recent spate of white label projects, some general technical support queries and a real-word tradeshow flaming incident have brought the issue of generic SmartPhone and tablet GPS locational accuracy to the fore over the last couple of months, so we thought that we should share some of what we have learnt. Before we hit the geeky […]

Announcing Bwsiti, a new product set to slash the cost and revolutionise the efficiency of local travel services

Caernarfon, Wales – Geosho, the location based services company announces the release of Bwsiti, a new product set to totally revolutionise the UKs £2.4bn Local Bus Service market by creating highly-cost effective live bus travel information systems through simple connectivity of ubiquitous smartphone and tablet devices. Through an intelligent system that uses smartphones and tablets […]

Geosho announces that it has been shortlisted for Smart UK’s most innovative mobile company award at Barcelona Mobile World Congress

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Caernarfon, Wales – Geosho is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted for Smart UK’s most innovative mobile company award. The 2014 Mobile World Congress is just a few weeks away and we are really excited as one of our products has been shortlisted for a Smart UK Project award in association with UKTI.  Bwsiti (Pronounced “busitee” meaning “a […]

Geosho brings location-based visualisation to Tradeshift

New app allows Tradeshift e-invoicing customers to analyse business relationships based on location data London, UK – 12 June 2012 – Geosho Ltd, a location-based services provider, today announced the release of a Spatial Analysis Application on Tradeshift, the online business network that simplifies and automates common tasks such as invoicing and supply chain finance. […]

Geosho – an introduction

I love maps. From hazy memories of childhood car trips to visit family in Ayrshire, Scotland staring at grandad’s Shell map. Intense concentration on a large folded and worn piece of paper. An artefact that allowed me to guess where we were heading, in advance, interpreting the symbols, coastlines, names and traces as they rushed […]