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Geosho create practical maps that inform action and deliver insight for your organisation, your clients and your communities.

The Geosho mapping and mobile platform enables the rapid development and delivery of smart, innovative services and products that connect place, data and content to browsers or smartphone ...

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What we do

We provide people with practical tools that exploit the benefits of location based information, digital mapping and smartphones. We help you to learn more about where you are selling your products, which of your properties are being visited, how to place and publish stories, history, even poetry in relation to their location. We can deliver innovative location based payment authentication methods and intuitive systems that can guide people’s journeys across urban and rural spaces using public transport. Intelligent location based systems that can learn from the activities of their users. We are a company that designs, develops and sells products that have location at their heart, and by the way, we love working with clients to create white label products or services too!


Deliver, publish and collect meaningful content and data in the context of where a smartphone is located. Simple powerful and integrated smartphone applications from Geosho. Apps that can leverage the mapping capabilities of the Geosho platform but still provide your customers or your public with core functionality offline. Apps that can communicate and extend your brand.

The Geosho mapping and mobile platform allows us to run solid, scalable and highly-performing smartphone applications across iOS, Android & WP8. In addition to our own Geosho mapping and mobile platform our ESRI ArcGIS online capabilities also allow us to scale up integrated solutions rapidly and transparently.


Manage your applications and the content or data that they deliver via the Geosho mobile and mapping platform browser screens. View your business activities whether sales, purchasing or enquiries securely from your computer. Take your mobile content or data and publish this to your existing website(s) with Geosho’s RESTful APIs.

We understand that there are connected mapping requirements that are not suited to Apps. The Geosho mapping and mobile platform gives you the ability to view, manage, update and share your content and data to your staff, your clients or the public directly to a browser.

  • Rougeo

    Rougeo is an easy to use mobile and web based mapping platform for anyone to create mobile Apps for a wide range of trails & journeys, from walking and cycling routes to horse riding and railway journeys. Images, text and audio content is linked to a geographical position, allowing the App to display information relevant to the users exact location at any time. With centralised storage for all your words and images, the same content can be quickly and simply published to PDF’s, iBooks and the web.

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  • Geotra

    Geotra is an innovative Android based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and location timetable management solution for public transport operators. These two key components allow us to deliver public facing smartphone based journey planner Apps that work. Geotra enables passengers to make up-to-the minute travel decisions, encouraging greater use of services. It is highly cost effective and simple to implement, integrating with your existing ticketing and data management systems. The system delivers real-time and demand based analytics to both public transport operators and planners.

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  • Analytic Stick

    Analytic Stick is an intelligent people counting solution that enables our clients to understand more about who has visited, when they visited, were they in a group? Did they bring children? Were they on bicycles?

    Unlike traditional methods of people counting, Rougeo works with images, providing detailed, yet anonymised data on activity at a location, delivering new insights into your visitors.

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  • Auddeo

    Our innovative new tool for translators, tour guides, meetings and conferences allows you to connect multiple Android phones and broadcast audio without the need for a mobile or WiFi network.

    Speaking into their phone, the translator or presenter can be clearly heard by up to 10 App users without additional equipment or up to 250 users if the Chatterbox is utilised. The Chatterbox can (if a connection is available) webcast the translated audio via client website or other digital media broadcast site.

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